• Michele Abeles

    In a series of studio photographs titled "Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:", Michele Abeles arranges her compositions using knowingly awkward nods to the formal devices of the still-life product shot.

  • Uri Aran

    Uri Aran's fascinating exhibitions appear as imploding laboratories, exercises inchaos theory for the eye that construct numerous pathways to be explored.

  • Darren Bader

    "He cuts down the lakes so they appear straight".
    He is surprised to find the period missing in every reprinting of that first line.

  • Antoine Catala

    If the project of Conceptual art was to dematerialize objects into pure ideas, inevitably resorting to language, Antoine Catala reverts language into both images and objects.

  • Moyra Davey

    In the introduction to her 2011 video Les Goddesses, Moyra Davey recites to the camera, "Sit on the floor in sunlight and read through eight small notebooks going back to 1998, looking for a phrase about Goethe: 'the stars above, the plants below.'"

  • Keith Edmier

    In his proposal for Penn Station Ciborium, Keith Edmier writes that he was immediately drawn to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's rotunda: "It reconnected me with my first visit to Rome in the 1980s, and in particular, the impression that the Pantheon left on me".

  • LaToya Ruby Frazier

    As part of "Empire State", Frazier presents her 2011 photographic series "Gray Area", which documents the demolition of the Braddock Hospital by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), a health-care corporation.

  • Renée Green

    In the context of an exhibition, Green's work seeks to establish a subjective space that is a part of its surroundings in both autonomous and constitutive senses.

  • Wade Guyton

    "I make paintings, but I don't think of myself as a painter". Statements like this one introduce Wade Guyton's unconventional approach to art-making, in which traditional processes and implements-paint and brush, for example-are supplanted by digital means.

  • Shadi Habib Allah

    Jean-Paul Marat makes a live-work space of his bathtub in order to soothe his grotesque skin disease. The publication of his writing from the tub provides fuel for the French insurgency.

  • Jeff Koons

    The artist Jeff Koons represents a remarkable fusion of small-town ingenuousness, urban ambition and perfection. His work can also be read as autobiographical, since it often obliquely draws on his childhood spent in provincial York, Pennsylvania.

  • Nate Lowman

    Born in Las Vegas in 1979 but based in New York since 1997, Nate Lowman addresses hot topics and strange omens using installation, collage, and a hand-painted, xerographic dot method of painting to render images of arrested celebrities and tragic nobodies.

  • Danny McDonald

    It starts with a charm bracelet, then comes full circle with a strand of beads. To start, Mindy Vale, with the use of a time machine, goes on a mission to reclaim the beads that were apocryphally used to purchase Manhattan.

  • Bjarne Melgaard

    Theresa had felt certain earlier in the day that it was starting again: She counted the paces in a trail of footsteps-shallow treaded cups frozen over in a crust of snow that led from the sidewalk to the rectory.

  • John Miller

    Public Display, the title of John Miller's painting-sculpture hybrid created for "Empire State", derives from the expression "public display of affection," a euphemism for inappropriate behavior.

  • Takeshi Murata

    In the past few years, Takeshi Murata has shifted the focus of his work from videos that riff on glitch aesthetics and psychedelia to radically static, digital images that approximate photographs.

  • Virginia Overton

    "Equilibrium and balance are forces I use a lot in my work", Virginia Overton has previously observed. Often this is quite literally the case, since the artist's sculptural assemblages frequently entail improbable acts of suspension.

  • Joyce Pensato

    The dull threat of Gotham has always been the violence of madness and forcible expropriation. Much of it plays out in the streets, but the rest deposits itself in the city's psyche.

  • Adrian Piper

    Four school blackboards stand side by side along a wall. On each of them, a sentence handwritten in chalk twenty-five times: "Everything will be taken away".

  • Rob Pruitt

    Like E. E. Cummings's "goat-footed balloonMan", Rob Pruitt is an ambivalent peddler of delights (his monumental Andy and sparkling pandas come to mind) and a showman-the host of his very own annual Art Awards.

  • R. H. Quaytman

    On the dust jacket of R. H. Quaytman's 2011 monograph and treatise Spine, the artist writes: "The medium is painting, not what the painting is made with".

  • Tabor Robak

    Tabor Robak's interactive 2010 piece Plateau does for videogames what Malevich's Black Square did for painting: It isolates the abstract fact of digital space, which precedes all particular content

  • Julian Schnabel

    Since the mid-1970s, Julian Schnabel's paintings have rarely represented coherent stories. In recent years, however, narratives have crept into his work as a consequence of his experience as a filmmaker.

  • Ryan Sullivan

    Ryan Sullivan pushes the legacy of abstraction to the point of negation. While at first sight the visceral movement in his large canvases seems to partake of a new expressionism, it speaks instead to the nature of images.