The Palombini Esposizioni Cafeteria is the perfect place to go for an unusual coffee break in Rome; managed by Palombini Ricevimenti, it offers exhibition visitors and others a pleasant spot to stop off for refreshments and a rest. In addition to quick meals, it offers trendy menus with new ideas specifically inspired by themes from the exhibitions being held in the Palazzo. Of course it is also be possible simply to sip an aperitif or have a cup of coffee. The Café opens onto a small garden and is connected to the bookshop via a central rotunda.
    Accessible from the exhibition rooms and the bookshop, the café also has an internal garden, where visitors can sit and admire the restored Church of San Vitale.

    The Palombini Esposizioni cafeteria from 25 August is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.


    Entrance: via Nazionale 194A and via Milano 15/17
    Tel. 06 48941320.


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