Pasolini Roma

  15 April > 20 July 2014


curated by Gianni Borgna, Jordi Balló, Alain Bergala




Pasolini Roma
Edited by Gianni Borgna, Alain Bergala and Jordi Balló
I fled with my mother and a case and a few jewels that turned out to be fake,
on a train as slow as a freight train,
across the Friulian plain covered by a light and hard layer of snow.
We were heading for Rome. ...
I have lived that page of a novel, the only one of my life:
as for the rest, I have been living inside a lyric poem, like every madman.
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pasolini and Rome: a great love relationship illustrated in the volume published for the exhibition which, after eliciting a resounding success in Barcelona and Paris, has now been brought to Italy. Rome for Pasolini was more than just a film set or place where to live. Over the years, the poet developed a passionate relationship with the city, built on mixed feelings of love and hate, on phases of attraction and rejection, on an itch to get away and the pleasure of returning. In a chronological order (from the arrival in the capital of the poet, scriptwriter, director and writer together with his mother in 1950 to the night of his tragic death at Ostia in November 1975), Pasolini Roma traces Pasolini's exceptionally dynamic and creative career over a quarter of a century: the places where he lived or where he set his novels and scripts, his poetry, films, friends, love relationships, persecutions, struggles and engagements in the city. On the basis of testimonies, documents, drawings, original texts, photographs, films and artworks loved by Pasolini, the monograph provides a reconstruction of those years, highlighting the intellectual fervour of the man and his relation with places, people, poets and artists in the capital.

2014, 17,7 x 24 cm, 264 pages, 250 colour illustrations, paperback
ISBN 978-88-572-2283-7
€ 34,00
Publisher Skira