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"Darwin 1809-2009 - Niles Eldredge, Darwin. Alla scoperta dell'albero della vita"
pages 208
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After 150 years from the first edition of On the Origin of Species, Darwin's theories continue to spark heated debates, drawing the line between different scientific, cultural and religious views. Aware of the sensation he would provoke in creationist Britain, after completing his famous journey, Darwin continued to build new and steady arguments to support his thesis, although he had already fully grasped the processes of natural selection. How did he come to set forth the theory of evolution? How did he interpret his own discoveries? Why did he wait so long before publishing his work? And what lead him to firmly claim his place as father of evolution? Basing his work widely on Darwin's famous notebooks, still unpublished in Italy, Eldredge paints the multifaceted portrait of a humanist, naturalist and careful thinker; a fascinating biography, enriched by photos and surprising details, that offers to explain natural selection and to reveal, step by step, the journey during which one of history's most powerful and revolutionary scientific theories was born. Darwin. Alla scoperta dell'albero della vita is a rare opportunity to gain enlightening insight on the mind of a true creative genius.