FotoGrafia introduction


From April 4th to May 25th FotoGrafia-Rome's International Festival seventh edition, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome and produced by Zoneattive, with artistic direction by Marco Delogu.
The theme chosen for this edition is "Seeing normality. Photography portrays daily life" which - according to Marco Delogu- is addressed at showing "how for all of us photography is the best means for describing everyday life; a thought that also originates in a desire to portray normality in contrast with extraordinary events".
A particularly concentrated Festival with a powerful nucleus at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, recently reopened to the public, which becomes the heart of FotoGrafia and will host the most important exhibitions , all new productions presented for the first time, as well as a rich programme filled with events, screenings, readings of portfolios, presentations and encounters with the most important representatives of the Italian and international world of art. Another important new entry is the Macello IV at the Mattatoio, managed by Zoneattive, a location already open to experimentation and new forms of expression, whereas the presence of the Museo di Roma in Trastevere confirms the location as a space dedicated to photo-journalism and the National Gallery of Modern Art.
At the Palazzo delle Esposizioni there will be works by a group of young photographers: Paolo Woods with The Chinese Far West  is a journey/reportage following industrial neo-colonialism's great hunt for the eastern tiger in newly conquered African lands;  Leonie Purchas achieves the completion of his work investigating her own family and  Lucia Nimcova, the Slovakian photographer winner of the FotoGrafia Baume & Mercier International Award, presents the work she created precisely thanks to this prize where she investigates and describes the utopian communist system through the history of her hometown, Humenne. We will also see the most recent production by Gabriele Basilico, this year the leading player for the Commissione Roma FotoGrafia alcatel Lucent with work on the River. Basilico's work is linked to the collective exhibition on "Rome" created by numerous photographers, among them Graciela Iturbide, Tim Davis, David Farrell, Pieter Hugo, Raffaela Mariniello, Milton Gendel, Miguel Rio Branco, Paolo Ventura, Shi Gu Roi, Claudia Jaguribe.
Burma's political tragedy is presented at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere by Orith Drori, with BURMA(Between Us Remember Me Always). Daniele Dainelli instead concentrates on his Tokyo, with Tokyo in Eclipse. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the creation of the St. Egidio community, the Festival devotes a great deal of room to the community's activities with reportages by Riccardo Venturi, PRIMERO DIOS !  and Giuliano Matteucci, Abitare Conakry  created in El Salvador and in Conakry Guinea.
At National Gallery of Modern Art an important exhibition about photos of David Perlov (with also projections of his more important film at Palazzo delle Esposizioni) and Rossella Bellusci with Passers by.
At Macello IV at the Mattatoio we discover a cross-section of emerging trends with a big event on April 5th to opening FotoGrafia. For this party will be presented many suggestion uploaded on .
At IILA Gallery the exhibition Día a día. IILA-FotoGrafiaAward with better works presented for the award.
The project on the Latium territory sponsored by the Latium Region will begin this year with a workshop held by Olivo Barbieri and David Farrell with 12 young photographer will became an exhibition The journey along the Via Francigena at GIL.
Patrizio Esposito presents, in Project Room Villa Glori, the photographic work of the leading players in the battle for the Sharawi people's self-determination, who this photographer has closely followed and supported since 1991.
The Festival's Circuit has an increasingly rich programme, which thanks to the involvement of art galleries, cultural institutes, Academies and other locations (clubs, schools, bars, bookshops).
From April 3rd, three opening days with events like Roman Lessons" (Martin Parr, Giovanna Calvenzi, Tim Davis), the first FotoGrafia Book Award the presentation of the project for the second edition of the FotoGrafia Baume & Mercier International Award and much more.