Kubrick and I - meetings


Kubrick and I - meetings
The retrospective provides viewers with the opportunity to approach Kubrick's work in the company of an exceptional audience:  Jan Harlan, who produced many of his masterpieces; Franco Pacini, a distinguished astrophysicist, who will be guiding the audience through the spatial dimension envisioned by the great director; Enrico Ghezzi, with his probing powers of criticism and analysis; Mario Monicelli on his war films; Dario Argento, who will be analyzing one of the master's thrillers; Paolo Sorrentino, who will be introducing Barry Lyndon with photography director Luca Bigazzi; Jacopo Quadri and the cutting room; Marco Delogu on Kubrick's early days as a photographer; Steve Della Casa on the historical movies; Antonio Scurati on the topic of love in Lolita; and last but not least, two somewhat unusual guests:  philosopher Umberto Curi and Guido Coscino, a young student who is just totally ‘mad' about Kubrick.

Auditorium - Entrance via Milano 9A
Free Admission, limited number of seats available

Saturday 6 October - 9 p.m.
Screening of a documentary entitled "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures" (2001), directed by Jan Harlan
The director will be attending the screening in person.

Tuesday 9 October - 7 p.m.
Enrico Ghezzi
Kubrick and I

Thursday 18 October - 7 p.m.
Paolo Sorrentino and
Luca Bigazzi
Barry Lindon

Thursday 25 October - 7 p.m.
Antonio Scurati
Lolita or the End of Love

Wednesday 31 October - 7 p.m.
Guido Coscino
Kubrick Training

Thursday 8 November - 7 p.m.
Franco Pacini
Extra Terrestrial Interviews

Thursday 15 November - 7 p.m.
Mario Monicelli
War According to Kubrick

Thursday 22 November - 7 p.m.
Dario Argento
"il mattino ha l'oro in bocca
 il mattino ha l'oro in bocca
 il mattino ha l'oro in bocca"

Thursday 29 November - 7 p.m.
Marco Delogu
Kubrick Photographer

Thursday 6 December - 8 p.m
Steve della Casa
The peplum

Thursday 13 December - 7 p.m.
Jacopo Quadri
The Editing

Thursday 20 December - 7 p.m.
Umberto Curi
A Philosopher at the Cinema