Auditorium technical specifications

    88 seats + 2

    Motorized projection screen
    4.00 x 2.50 m. video projection screen

    Simultaneous translation equipment
    50 sets of headphones
    50 x 4 channel infrared receivers
    Can be set up for two languages

    Closed circuit video system
    System consisting of:
    3 x remote JVC cameras
    4 x 14" JVC video monitors
    Camera remote control
    Video splitters

    Video ouptut
    1 x DVD player
    1 x VHS player
    1 x Beta Digital Sony player

    Conference sound system
    4 x 400 w. rigged spotlights
    16 input audio mixer
    microphones and radio microphones
    loudspeaker system
    CD player

    Video Projector
    6000 ANSI Lumens video projector

    Conference lighting system
    24 channel lighting mixer w. memory
    6 circuit 3 kw dimmers
    3 x motorized lighting tracks



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