Cinema technical specifications

    137 seats + 2

    Fixtures and fittings
    FRAU S.p.A.

    Cinema-industry standard sound system
    Sound system / 3 x JBL 4622N behind-the-screen speakers
    Sound system / 12 x JBL 8330A surround speakers
    Sound system / 1 x JBL 4642A subwoofer
    Dolby digital CP650D processer and amplifier rack

    Projection system
    Screen size: 7.00 m.  x 3.00 m.
    35mm Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 B4000 projector
    1600 w. xenon bulb
    1 x 6000 ANSI Lumens video projector

    Conference and infrared simultaneous translation equipment
    50 sets of headphones
    50 x 4 channel infrared receivers
    Can be set up for two languages

    Closed circuit video system / video equipment
    System consisting of:
    2 x remote JVC cameras
    3 x JVC colour video monitors
    1 x remote control
    1 x DVD player
    1 x Beta Digital / SP  Sony player
    1 x audio/video matrix
    2 x video splitters

    Conference sound system
    12 input audio mixer
    microphones and radio microphones
    conference organizer loudspeaker system
    CD player

    Conference lighting system
    6 channel lighting mixer
    6 circuit 3 kw dimmers
    3 x conference table spotlights



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