The “Serra”, or conservatory, is an exciting new architectural feature of the building with striking impact; designed from scratch by architect Paolo Desideri, consists in the Open exclusive restaurant and a meeting area.
    The acclaimed chef Antonello Colonna is responsible for giving the restaurant its particular style and creating the spirit of the place. Both areas are available for staging events, thus combining catering facilities with the magnificent Palazzo delle Esposizioni setting and the ongoing exhibitions.
    The facility is arranged on two levels that are independent but connected with each other. The kitchens are fully equipped for high level catering, and cover an area of 200 square metres.
    The first level has a usable area of 320 square metres, with an additional 80 square metres of open-air terrace entirely for the use of the restaurant.
    The second level has a covered area of 170 square metres with an additional 110 square metres of open terrace solely for the use of the Terrazza-Bar.

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    Opening hours
    The restaurant is open from 12.30pm to 3.30pm and from 8.00pm to 11.00pm
    Sunday evening and Monday evening closed.

    Holidays opening hours:
    24 December '15: city lunch, closed for dinner
    25 December '15: brunch, closed for dinner
    26 December '15: brunch, closed for dinner
    31 December '15: city lunch, open for dinner
    1 January '16 brunch, closed for dinner
    6 January '16: brunch, closed for dinner


    Information and reservation tel. 06 47822641
    Open Colonna - Entrance via Milano 9A


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