by Masal Pas Bagdadi
30 November 2010 - 30 January 2011

"Growing is a miracle taken for granted".
 Karl Taro Greenfeld

One day I decided to tidy up the drawings, accumulated over the years in disorderly piles on my shelves, which had been left in my study by the many children that had been here. For the first time I examined them with a different approach, focussing my attention on their intrinsic beauty, and it seemed to me that they represented a pure form of art - essential and free from preconceived ideas. Suddenly I had the idea of bringing them together in a book and subsequently in a show, to highlight the thoughts and emotions of children intent on questing for themselves through drawing.
Chi sono io? (Who am I?)presents a selection of drawings by children aged between 2 and 12. Through their experimentation with graphics, these children are trying to understand their identity and shape their character. Although made up of children's drawings, the exhibition is aimed primarily at an adult public, in an attempt to explain how children think and feel as they grow up. In order to facilitate identification with these little artists on behalf of the visitors, a narrating voice will offer a kind of translation-interpretation of what the child was trying to express in the drawing.
The aim of the exhibition is running from city to city without boundaries, as the child's pictorial language is regardless of race, religion or country.