Alexandra Valenti. Stanze






curated by Lea Mattarella
12th May  - 12th June 2011

The exhibition presents five recent installations, conceived for the space, in a dramatic display.
Valenti works on the creation of mysterious sculptures, in which silent figures stand in suspended spaces, out of any temporal dimension.
"The artist - Lea Mattarella writes - provides an entire story - to each his own - through a single image and fragment. She is not afraid of framing it as a "narrative", unlike more insecure painters and sculptors. This story possesses an unhindered capacity to make the seeds of a tale sprout within us, while allowing each viewer to create his own tale.
At the same time, great rigour is applied in constructing the place into which the viewer is to be led. Everything is conceived in such a way as to direct our gaze exactly where the artist wishes. In such a way, a framing order and hierarchy is established. With a skill reminiscent of ancient sculpture - as well as the markedly contemporary idea of having works engage with their surroundings - the artist creates "space". Her rooms, whether life-like or surrounded by a ruffled sea, are made more powerful and absolute by the presence of figures. The latter could only exist within the rooms: outside them, they would give the impression of being in exile. If the rooms were empty, they would no doubt engender a feeling of disorientation, failing to meet the needs of viewers' imagination. Still, they would continue to give a sense of being immersed in a white silence in which everything is just about to happen".
The catalogue edited by De Luca Editori has texts of Prof. Avv. Francesco Maria Emmanuele Emanuele, artist Alberto Abate and photos by Lorenzo De Masi.

spazio fontana
via Milano,13
free admission