Massimo Giannoni. Four Triptychs







21 January - 26 February 2012

For this roman anthological, Massimo Giannoni proposes new works, all achieved during 2011; 4 new triptychs, large scaled oil paintings (circa 7 meters width each) that develop and contain the fundamental marks of his artistic research.
Current topics that are typical of our times and of the collective imagination that carry contrasts and contradictions, leading therefore to an elaboration of thoughts.
Frenetic and agitated stock exchange markets dialogue with the unmovable time of bookshops and libraries, symbols of the knowledge permanently contained in books and shelves. The lights and shades of great city views – emblems of civic life – stay side by side with the rigour of spiritual places which invite to respect and to an introspection.
The interior silence opposes contemporary chaos: a current confrontation between the speed of today’s communication and the timeless beauty of those places that have always been the reign of the culture of the past, present and future.
If there’s a recognisable iconography that distinguishes the work of Giannoni, it’s the distance between the work and the spectator that makes the difference: the near vision of his paintings transforms the represented subject in a material and thick magma of oil paint to the limit of abstraction.
A game that is not optical but substantial, testimony of Giannoni’s capacity of reading the image with a pictorial eye in which the painting is the flesh, the body of representation.
As an artist of large scaled paintings of great impact, Giannoni is an artist of tradition and an observer of contemporary life. His work is appreciated by both lovers of figurative and informal art, history and chronicle, the passage of time and time standing still. Giannoni’s work can be defined as a hinge that connects historical painting to our present days.