I nostri Anni '70. Libri per ragazzi in Italia

  20 March > 20 July 2014


curated by Silvana Sola e Paola Vassalli


Meetings in the Library


On the occasion of the exhibition Our 1970s. Children's Books in Italy, events for librarians, teachers, students, sector operators and enthusiasts. Meetings with the exhibition curators and the Educational Services of Palazzo delle Esposizioni to get to know the publishing houses, the authors and the artists who revolutionised children's books.

Tuesday 6 May  at 16.30
Nelson Mandela Library
Via La Spezia 21 - tel. 0645460341
Artists and publishers for apprentice readers curated by Paola Vassalli
A revolution in graphics and content at the hands of the "great ladies of publishing", supplying young readers with a glance ranging between Europe and the United States.

Tuesday 13 May at 16.30
Renato Nicolini Library
Via Marino Mazzacurati 76 - tel. 06 45460421
On the little girls' side curated by Elena Fierli
Adela Turin's publishing house  targets girls and boys, dealing with equality between the sexes, with roles and behaviour, from a wholly female viewpoint in order to unhinge the most widespread stereotypes.

Friday 23 May
Gianni Rodari Library - 16.30
Via Francesco Tovaglieri 237 A - tel. 06 45460571
An educational shelf on the timeline curated by Silvana Sola
Towards a new pedagogy, marked by the Movimento di Cooperazione Educativa, by teachers such as Maria Luisa Bigiaretti and Mario Lodi, and by intellectuals of genius and generosity such as Gianni Rodari and Antonio Faeti.

Tuesday 20 May
Franco Basaglia Library - 16.30
Via Federico Borromeo 67 - tel. 0645460371
Art for kids and Pinin Carpi curated by Laura Scarlata
A series through which kids can approach the art world with a new form of narrative where the images of celebrated painters become illustrations for highly inventive stories.

Tuesday 27 May
Goffredo Mameli Library - 16.30
Via del Pigneto 22 - tel. 0645460541
Bruno Munari's tantibambini curated by Giulia Franchi
The series Tantibambini [Lots of Kids]devised and edited by  Munari brought together authors and illustrators, designers and architects, photographers and set designers. Fairytales and simple stories for a new generation of readers.

Tuesday 3 June
Valle Aurelia Library -  16.30
Viale di Valle Aurelia 129 - tel.0 645460611
Toti Scialoja and poetry curated by Francesca Romana Mastroianni
Poetry for children in a journey through Toti Scialoja's nonsense verse, Mario Faustinelli's relating of poetic text and image and the nursery rhymes of Gianni Rodari.

Tuesday 10 June
Ennio Flaiano Library - 16.30
Via Monte Ruggero 39 - tel. 06 45460431
The Work Library curated by Letizia Tarantello
The Biblioteca di lavoro (Work Library) is an invaluable educational series coordinated by Mario Lodi. Working and support tools which set out from the child's experiences in order to develop his abilities in the social context.

Tuesday 17 June
Centrale Ragazzi Library - 16.30
Via di San Paolo alla Regola 15-18
Seems like this seems like that curated by Chiara Bandi
A workshop for rereading the books of our childhood. Books as visual games with forms and colours that are transformed to seem now this and now that.