Membership Card

    The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Membership card offers you a new way to visit the Palazzo dell Esposizioni's exhibitions, to take part in the many cultural initiatives that it hosts, to benefit from a full range of discounts and advantages reserved exclusively for cardholders, and to take part in the many and varied activities that make our exhibition halls such a vibrant and exciting experience every day of the year!


    4 kinds of card are available:

    MY PDE 50 

    JUNIOR AND SENIOR 35 €  (for under 27 e over 65)

    PDE X2 90 €

    PDE X4 145 €


    The card entitles you :

    - to free entry to the exhibition areas in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, through a special entrance;
    - to two free tickets when you purchase the card; these are open tickets which anyone can use;
    - to take part in guided tours and initiatives reserved for cardholders;
    - to take part in didactic activities and workshops specially organized for cardholders;
    - to benefit from agreements the Palazzo delle Esposizioni have made and from proposals offered by its cultural partners;
    - to enjoy a 50% discount on all subscriptions to film and theater seasons;
    - to enjoy a 10% discount at the Palombini Esposizioni cafeteria, bookshop, and at the Open Colonna restaurant (the discount cannot be combined with other ongoing price reductions or offers);
    - to receive information and updates on the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's cultural program;
    - to use the exclusive e-mail address to request information and to communicate with the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's staff:

    Telephone number +39 06 48941217 (from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5.30pm)


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