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After the success of the first edition, the short film project ideated by Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome to link its exhibition with cinema, is back for its second edition. Fatti un Film (Shoot it out) is an International short film contest open to young filmmakers eager to share their point of view on the exhibition's main themes. A unique occasion to enrich the exhibition's perspectives through different (camera) angles using a magnifier, fueled by innovative visual creativity.

For this new edition of the project, the exhibition chosen titled On the Silk Road. Ancient Pathways Between East and West, has a big impact on the audience. A large scale International mounting that will let us discover the long and tough journey from East to West, experienced for centuries by a large number of people exchanging luxury goods, tracing sacred books, discovering and dominating faraway cultures.

One of the most incredible and fascinating mankind's experience of which we treasure exceptional historical and artistic proofs through which we discover that globalization,  melting pot and "network" are concepts whose origin can be traced back more than 2.000 years ago.

Fatti un Film (Shoot it out) gives you the opportunity to expand the exhibition's broad themes using the imagination of cinematographic narration and the authors' everyday experience, to detect  new ideas to reflect upon. The best short films will be screened at Palazzo delle Esposizioni and the winner will be awarded with a Canon digital camera.


The exhibition - On the Silk Road. Ancient Pathways Between East and West

More than 2.000 years ago, merchants, pilgrims and soldiers faced the steep mountains and the dangerous Central Asian deserts  to trade silk and any kind of luxury goods, spreading religious beliefs and expanding their territory. In this way, inch by inch, the network of routes known as "Silk Road" was created. The exhibition retraces the long journey from East to West between 7th and 14th century AD, depicting the lively mix of cultures re-creating the Silk Road's main cities: from the capital of Ancient China to the most important Italian trading centers as Venice and Genoa, passing through rough deserts, flourishing oasis, cultural boomtowns such as Samarkand and Baghdad. Crossroads where different people, coming from distant places, could test an often complicated cohabitation, just like it happens in today's metropolis.


Short films

Fiction, documentary and animation short films, of the maximum length of 20 minutes, are admitted to participate. Works to be selected must be sent not later than February 4th 2013. Fatti un film invites young directors to share their ideas and daily experiences on the central themes of human experience, through short stories directly inspired by the main themes of our contest. If a short film has already been released, can be submitted only if strictly linked to the exhibition's main topics: stories of travel and adventure, cultural and religious creeds mix, different lifestyles cohabiting within a multiethnic and migrant everyday life. We are also looking for stories of pure fantasy since the East represents the fantastic scenery par excellence. We give green light to all stories since we are convinced, as Sherazade says, that a story (also told through images) can save our life!



Draw inspiration from the following topics' hints:

ON THE ROAD: travelling towards the unknown, to discover new places and different flows of time. To this day, human nature, always on the go, expresses itself through arrivals and departures.

EAST / WEST: the ancient Silk Road's terminal points drawn closer mixing themselves in our contemporary society characterized by migration and globalization. The present age conditions have been determined by  exchanges and contrasts among unknown societies and cultures of the past, inevitably cohabiting today.

HOW DO WE SURVIVE IN THE DESERT?: the experience of ancient caravans, facing for months dreadful obstacles such as blazing deserts and snowy mountain borders, represents the eternal struggle of man against the forces of Nature.

I HAVE A GENIE IN THE LAMP: bloody mysteries and riddles to solve, powerful magicians and fantastic creatures, beautiful women and cruel tyrants, oasis, mirages and buried cities...The Far East has always been the scenario of legends, tales and adventure stories. A starting point of many contemporary fantasies enhancing  today's creativity.

TODAY I FEEL EXOTIC: as in an ancient oriental bazaar, our cities are populated with people of different backgrounds and faraway cultures. Did we all become a bit exotic...?.

PILGRIMS: the great adventure of Oriental spirituality has crossed the Silk Road, meeting point of people and goods, privileged place for the diffusion and the development of important religions such as Buddhism, Islam and many others.

TRACES: everyday walking through our cities we experience History. Daily we come across traces of an extinct world travelling through our historical memory.


The event

The best short films will be selected for a retrospective to be presented at Palazzo delle Esposizioni on March 2013. An important representative of Italian Cinema and an audience jury composed by Palazzo delle Esposizioni's members, will award the winners. The winner will be awarded with a Canon digital camera (CANON EOS 6D BODY). 15 participants will have also the opportunity to attend a workshop on digital shooting technique with Canon cameras.



For further information and submission rules, look up the Regulation.


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