spot! Mimmo Jodice - Vedute di Napoli, Rivisitazioni, Eden

spot! Mimmo Jodice - Vedute di Napoli, Rivisitazioni, Eden

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Daniela Lancioni, curator of the exhibition, will talk about Vedute di Napoli (Views of Naples) (1978-1980), Rivisitazioni (Revisitations), Eden (1994-1997) by Mimmo Jodice

The photographs grouped in the sections entitled Views of Naples and Revisitations mark a milestone in the photographer's work. The human figure has gone, while a few well-known, almost routine, not to say clichéd details of the landscape are translated in a bewildering manner with images that possess theeffectiveness of icons, and which critics have christened "metaphysical". The most recent cycle, Eden, is a metaphor of the daily violence, both persuasive and pervasive, with which we are lured by our induced and ephemeral needs.

Via Nazionale, 194
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