Spot! Guggenheim Collection - Andy Warhol, Orange Disaster #5, 1963

Spot! Guggenheim Collection - Andy Warhol, Orange Disaster #5, 1963

In Warhol's work the nature of the silk-screen printing technique, widely used in the 'sixties to promote consumer goods, is enhanced by repetition of the image.  An excellent example of this can be seen in Orange Disaster, where an electric chair is reproduced in 15 images that are identical both in colour and in size.  The 15 images make up a uniform grid which covers the entire surface of the canvas, a typical feature in much of Warhol's work.  Warhol was one of the most popular American artists, yet even today critics are still split over his deliberately ambiguous output, some judging it to represent the triumph superficial values while others consider it, on the contrary, to glide very close to traumatic reality.

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