Spot! Guggenheim Collection - Agnes Martin, White Flower, 1960

Spot! Guggenheim Collection - Agnes Martin, White Flower, 1960

Approximately four square metres of canvas, criss-crossed by horizontal and vertical lines.  These are the constants in Agnes Martin's best-known works, and they also define her painting entitled White Flower, in which each of the rectangles formed by the intersection of the lines is marked by two symmetrical pairs of dotted lines. Hailling originally from Canada, the painter spent a long time in the desert of New Mexico, frequently naming her paintings after natural phenomena and elements that testify to her links with the organic world. Yet rather than depicting their objective appearance, she portrays their transcendent value: the light that infuses them and the humble and delicate feeling that they emanate.

meeting point: the rotunda at 7 pm
via Nazionale, 194
the workshop fee is included in the price of admission to the exhibition

please make sure you get there 15 minutes before the workshop is due to begin
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