Spot! Guggenheim Collection - Chuck Close, Stanley, 1980-1981

Spot! Guggenheim Collection - Chuck Close, Stanley, 1980-1981

In this large-scale oil portrait, the American artist depicts a travelling salesman whom he met on the beach. Working from a photograph, Close transfers the image onto a grid and then from that grid onto canvas by systematically applying small coloured dots to it. In this portrait too, as in other works of his, he adopts monumental proportions that go way beyond the life-size. An exponent of the artistic movement known as Photorealism or Hyperrealism, the artist melds in his paintings an abstract component, which can be detected in the details of the painting, with a faithful reproduction of the photographic image.

meeting point: the rotunda at 7 pm
via Nazionale, 194
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please make sure you get there 15 minutes before the workshop is due to begin
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