EUROPE - cinema review

EUROPE - cinema review

The Brussels business - admission free

directed by Friedrich Moser and Matthieu Lietaert. Belgium, Austria, 2012 (85 min.) - original version with Italian subtitles
Italian pre-premiere.
Introduced by Gabriele Crescente (Internazionale) and Sergio Fant (CineAgenzia).
Back in the early 'nineties two ambitious young men discovered that even in Brussels, the heart of the European institutions, lobbies wield a powerful influence.  This discovery changed their lives.  One of the two began to probe the affair and went on to become one of Europe's biggest experts in lobbying and an activist in combating their excessive power.  The other one, succumbing to the fascination of that world, left a safe job with the European Commission to take up a career as a lobbyer himself.  What role do the 15,000 lobbyers who live and work in Brussels really play, between think tanks and behind-the-scenes intrigue?  This film takes us on a trip through the shadowy corridors of EU politics, offering us an unofficial history of the integration and neo-freemarketeering restructuring of the Community institutions that began in the 'eighties.

Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9A
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Internazionale in Rome
data 09/10/2012 orario: 21:00
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