CHINA - cinema review

CHINA - cinema review

High Tech, Low Life - admission free

directed by Stephen Maing. United States, China, 2012 (87 min.) - original version with Italian subtitles
Italian pre-premiere.
Introduced by Junko Terao (Internazionale).
Two bloggers travel across China, a country in the grip of an economic boom, searching for news that tends to get overlooked by the official information channels.  Armed with laptops, cell phones and video cameras, they have to circumnavigate censorship while taking great care not to cross the borderline between freedom of expression and dissidence.  "Tiger Temple", aged 57, tells us of the world around him but without forgetting the recent history of China, while "Zola", aged 27, adopts a provocational style in his endeavour to become a web celebrity.  Their crossed paths paint an original picture of contemporary Chinese society and its information system, urging us to reflect on the role of journalism in the era of the social network.

Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9A
Admission free while places last


Internazionale in Rome
data 10/10/2012 orario: 21:00
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