WEB - cinema review

WEB - cinema review

We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists - admission free

directed by Brian Knappenberger. United States, 2012 (91 min.) - original version with Italian subtitles
Italian pre-premiere.
Introduced by Giulia Zoli (Internazionale).
Anonymous is a collective of hackers and activists well known for its attacks on the websites of large groups such as Scientology, PayPal and Sony.  The hacktivists in the group reject hierarchies, fighting for freedom of expression and against the financial and economic power of the multinational corporations.  Their actions have redefined the concept of civil disobedience on the Internet.  Using the testimonies of activists and experts, the documentary reconstructs the group's history from the start - the Cult of the Dead Cow hackers and such reference sites as 4chan - right up their political maturity and the role that they have been playing in the Arab Spring and in the Occupy movement.  Born as a forum on the web, Anonymous has become a global movement capable of shirking off all attempts to bend it to other uses.

Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9A
Admission free while places last


Internazionale in Rome
data 12/10/2012 orario: 21:00
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