IMMIGRATION - cinema review

IMMIGRATION - cinema review

Vol Spécial - admission free

directed by Fernand Melgar. Switzerland, 2011 (100 min.) - original version with Italian subtitles
Introduced by Annalisa Camilli (Internazionale).
Every year in Switzerland thousands of men and women are jailed without standing trial, simply on the strength of the fact that they are illegally resident without an official sojourn permit.  Pending deportation, they can remain in jail for months.  Some of them have lived in Switzerland for a long time, they have a family, a job, they pay taxes and they send their children to school.  But their lives are turned upside down the day the police decide to shut them away in detention centres like the one in Frambois, near Geneva.  From that moment on, a long administrative process is set in motion with the intent of forcing them to agree to deportation.  The victims of an implacable legal system, humiliated and without hope, those who refuse to leave voluntarily are forced to comply with the extreme solution.  They are bundled on board "special flights" and forced to return to a country that has not been their home for years.

Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9A
Admission free while places last


Internazionale in Rome
data 14/10/2012 orario: 18:30
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