Le fantôme de la liberté - cinema review

Le fantôme de la liberté - cinema review

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(France 1974)
directed by Luis Buñuel, starring Jean-Claude Brialy, Michel Piccoli, Adriana Asti, Adolfo Celi
colour, 103', 35mm, Italian dubbed version

A string of episodes apparently unrelated, ranging from XVIII century Spain to contemporary Paris, sporting the most unlikely characters: poker-loving friars, sadomasochistic couples, a sniper that shoots a cheering crowd, a prefect that speaks with dead people, a maniac that molests children by showing them pictures of monuments. An irresistible surrealist bedlam, in which every convention, be it social or narrative, is banished with a playful and iconoclastic spirit.

Sala Cinema
Entrance on mid floor of the staircase in via Milano 9A
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Some like it classic
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