A Round Table on Carmelo Bene - encounters

A Round Table on Carmelo Bene - encounters

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with Jean-Paul Manganaro, Piergiorgio Giacchè and Gioia Costa
"Art is life, as an event that can never be repeated, that only lives once. That's why a work of art is dead material, it's a corpse voided of the event.  The fate of a work of art doesn't lie in the work itself, it's art at work, it's the artist's production transcending the work."  (only if you can make an effort, otherwise don't bother).  An open conversation on Carmelo Bene, his past work which never passes, and the possible or impossible eventuality of an artistic legacy.

Sala Cinema
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Carmelo Bene on stage
data 06/12/2012 orario: 18:00
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