Carmelo Bene. A Portrait - screenings

Carmelo Bene. A Portrait - screenings

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directed by Monica Maurer and Dietrich Schubert, 1971, 30 min
Introduced by Monica Maurer
A stringent portrait on the brink of the 1970s, produced by the future assistant director of the film Salomè.  Filmed by "candid camera" in accordance with the actor's own wishes, this documentary bears extraordinary witness to special moments in his career and public life.

Followed by
An Hour Before Hamlet + Pinocchio
directed by Paolo Brunatto, 1965, 17 min
One of the key figures in Italian underground cinema films a handful of fragments of Pinocchio and Charles Marowitz's version of Hamlet, working on the concept of "simultaneousness" which Carmelo Bene, citing Artaud, also affected at about this time.

Sala Cinema
Admission via Steps in via Milano 9A
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Carmelo Bene on stage
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