The Ageing Titian's Endless Painting (1555-1575) - lectures

The Ageing Titian's Endless Painting (1555-1575) - lectures

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Augusto Gentili

Titian was a painter who reflected on topical issues and problems ranging from literature and politics to religion and who was prepared to break away from Venice and from the last Italian "signorie" in order to take on the risk of a European career.  A painter experimenting down to his very last breath, he sought to develop a basic artistic vocabulary that did not yet exist, in fact that had not even been dreamt of, in an effort to remain consistent with his own philosophy and to impart narrative dignity to his last works, his last poems in paint.  The ageing Titian was man treading a radically independent path in the history of ideas.

Sala Cinema - Palazzo delle Esposizioni
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Wednesday with Titian
data 13/03/2013 orario: 18:30
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