Kamusta Kaio, Dr. Jose Rizal? / Nuwebe - Cinema

Kamusta Kaio, Dr. Jose Rizal? / Nuwebe - Cinema

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by Jason Zavaleta. Philippines-USA, 2012, 17', o. v. it. sub.
The magnificent poem " Last Farewell " written by the Filippino hero Dr. Jose` Rizal was first time in the cinema history the main subject of a short film, media beloved by the new generations.
it's beauty, and everything that it provided for Rizal, as well as his hope for what would happen one he was gone. In this video, we explore these poetic words through: sight and sound, light and shadow, sound and silence. It's an insight to the human experience and the vast universe in which we live.
by Joseph Israel Laban. Philippines, 2013, 91', o.v. subti. it.
The film is inspired by the actual story of one of the youngest mothers in Philippine history. Krista was just 9 years old when she became pregnant. Her mother believes that she was impregnated by malevolent supernatural creatures called "nuno sa punso" but the real story will prove to be more complicated than it seems.

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