Powerless - Cinema

Powerless - Cinema

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directed by Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa. India, 2013 (78 min.) - original version with Italian subtitles
introduced by Junko Terao (Internazionale)
Italian pre-premiere
In the Indian city of Kanpur with its population of three million, over 400,000 people have no electricity.  Loha Singh is an electrician specialising in katiya, the floor cables used to illegally hook up to the mains.  Risking electric shocks and blackouts, he clambers up electricity poles to bring electric power to the poorer stratum of the population.  He is pitted against Ritu Maheshwari, the inflexible manager of the local electricity company tasked with rebalancing the company's books, which are in the red on account of theft and of unpaid bills.  Their battle mirrors the contradictions of the Indian economic miracle.

Sala Cinema
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Internazionale in Rome
data 11/10/2013 orario: 21:00
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