Terms and conditions may apply - Cinema

Terms and conditions may apply - Cinema

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directed by Cullen Hoback. USA, 2013 (79 min.) - original version with Italian subtitles
Italian pre-premiere
introduced by Annalisa Camilli (Internazionale)
What really lurks between the lines of the terms and conditions you have to agree to before opening an account on a social network or downloading an app?  That is what this documentary investigates through worrying examples and a few hilarious cases, revealing what governments and corporations do with users' "personal" information.  Whatever your privacy settings, your data is collected and your online behaviour recorded, seriously jeopardising the future of civil liberties as the recent Snowden case has confirmed.  Click after click, we are gradually moving into a situation where we are constantly being monitored.

Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9a
Admission free while places last


Internazionale in Rome
data 13/10/2013 orario: 21:00
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