Ancient Places, New Words: Images of Augustus' Rome - Encounters

Ancient Places, New Words: Images of Augustus' Rome - Encounters

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Domenico Palombi

The vast monumental and infrastructure programme that Augustus implemented in Rome led to the radical renewal of every material and symbolic aspect of the city.  With this programme the prince presented himself as the new founder of its political and religious institutions, of its administrative and management services and of civic life and social practice in a city that was being made ready to become the stage for the new imperial power.  This radical revision and redefinition of the very meaning of the urban space was accompanied by the creation of images, descriptions and symbols involving places and monuments in the city's topography in an attempt to create an urban image consistent with the regime's cultural programmes and with its ideological messages.  Classical literary, epigraphic, iconographic and archaeological sources allow us to reconstruct the origin of several excellent cases (ranging from the places associated with the myth of Rome's foundation to the images of the "blonde Tiber" and of the "Seven Hills") that are still a powerful presence in the city's culture, history and memory even today.

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Augustus: Inventing the Empire - Encounters
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