The Power of Architecture, the Architecture of Power - Encounters

The Power of Architecture, the Architecture of Power - Encounters

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Alessandro Viscogliosi

The age of Augustus was the age when Roman architecture reached its peak, the age in which Rome succeeded in expressing an architectural vocabulary of its own that was to survive the test of space and time.  It was the first time that architectural forms valid for the city first and later for the entire Roman world were being developed and tested in Rome itself.  In the Res gestae, the spiritual legacy in which Augustus decided what part of his activity as a builder he should hand down to posterity, he drafted an impressive list of the architectural projects of his reign that were a direct result of his personal initiative, but they were all set in the imperial capital.  The seventy-year-old emperor's eyes and mind did not extend to his work in Nikopolis, Athens, Gaul, the Iberian peninsula, Asia Minor or distant Galatia because it had been overshadowed by the splendour of his achievements in the city of Rome itself.

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Augustus: Inventing the Empire - Encounters
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