Augustus and the New Golden Age - Encounters

Augustus and the New Golden Age - Encounters

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Claudio Parisi Presicce

After decades of civil war, new values began to spread with the Augustan age, permeating society and the artistic taste of the era.  Thus such concepts as pax, felicitas temporum and pietas, idyllic images of a world devoid of war and weapons in which peace and justice might reign unchallenged in an eternal springtime, began to play a central role.  Decorative motifs such as clusters of fruit and vegetables, spiralling acanthus leaves, animals and peasant farmers immersed in bucolic landscapes designed to evoke abundance and prosperity, became all-pervasive both on monuments erected on public soil and on moveable objects of the highest quality intended for adorning private residences and even for accompanying the Roman faithful on their final journey to the underworld.

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Augustus: Inventing the Empire - Encounters
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