Pasolini, Open City - encounters

Pasolini, Open City - encounters

free entrance - Sala Cinema
Hervé Joubert-Laurencin
Orestes's return from exile may be the purest image of Pasolini's nomadic existence, of his constantly being on the move. In Oedipus at Dawn, Pasolini's first play, Oedipus delivers what may be his finest line when confronted with the body of the Queen of Thebes, his wife and mother: "There, I am empty: in me / you bury her". This gives us an idea of Pasolini's place in the world and of the world's place in Pasolini. A variant in the manuscript also says: "I am open" – Pasolini, open city.
Sala Cinema
free entrance
Admission via steps in Via Milano 9 a, Rome


Pasolini Encounters
data 08/05/2014 orario: 18:30
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