Music in Pasolini's films - concert

Music in Pasolini's films - concert

Rotunda of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni

with Marta Rossi flute
Massimiliano Destro, Elvin Dhimitri, Bruno Pucci, Andrea Bergamelli string quartet
Cinzia Gangarella piano and arrangement

Far from being a mere accompaniment to his images, music plays a central role in Pasolini's films ("music is the spearhead element, the spectacular element, almost the external garb of an inner stylistic event") in that it acts as the receptacle for his poetic message. Faced with the rich musical repertoire of Pasolini's films, ranging from the stornello and the popular song to sweeping orchestral and choral symphonies, the concert will be presenting some of the most significant pieces of music as heard on screen (in the original versions and with the orchestration specifically devised by Pasolini) alongside revisitations of songs and themes specially written for the event.

photo © Roberta Gioberti 2014

The price of admission to the concert is included in the price of admission to the exhibition
via Nazionale, 194


Pasolini Music
data 13/06/2014 orario: 21:00
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