Pasolini Encounters

Tied in with the exhibition Pasolini Roma

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is back with its now customary programme of encounters and lectures designed to offer the public an opportunity to explore in greater depth some of the issues addressed by the exhibition and to expand on the content of the show through the testimony of some of the most authoritative scholars and experts in Pasolini's work, who will be defining the revolutionary impact of his approach to culture, including on an international plane, and offering their personal take on his literary and film career, along with personal recollections from some of the master's closest friends and acquaintances..

Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9 a, Roma
Seats assigned from one hour before the start of each encounter
Reservations may be made by membership card holders only

Dal: 16/04/2014
Al: 22/05/2014

16/04/2014 18:30
Pasolini, a European Thinker - encounters
free entrance - Sala Cinema

Jordi Balló and Alain Bergala
The curators will be analysing the exhibition and discussing the reactions in Barcelona and Paris to the issues raised in the public debate in the two cities, such as Pasolini's heterodox approach to life and art, the beauty of marginal existence, the diversity and value of minority cultures, his criticism of the misuse of power and of new forms of fascism, and the lasting influence that Pasolini has had on European thought.

08/05/2014 18:30
Pasolini, Open City - encounters
free entrance - Sala Cinema

Hervé Joubert-Laurencin
Orestes's return from exile may be the purest image of Pasolini's nomadic existence, of his constantly being on the move. In Oedipus at Dawn, Pasolini's first play, Oedipus delivers what may be his finest line when confronted with the body of the Queen of Thebes, his wife and mother: "There, I am empty: in me / you bury her". This gives us an idea of Pasolini's place in the world and of the world's place in Pasolini. A variant in the manuscript also says: "I am open" – Pasolini, open city.

15/05/2014 18:30
A Summons to the Morgue - encounters
free entrance - Sala Cinema

Nico Naldini and Roberto Chiesi
An inside, ongoing vision of Pasolini's literary and film work in his element of choice, the world of the common man. Pasolini's personality and poetry are evoked with intensity in the personal memories of writer, poet and essayist Nico Naldini, the author of the most important biography of Pasolini, in the course of a conversation with Roberto Chiesi, director of the Cineteca di Bologna's Centro Studi Pasolini.

22/05/2014 18:30
Pasolini's India - encounters
free entrance - Sala Cinema

Emanuele Trevi
Pasolini travelled to India for the first time in 1961, an experience that was to change his perception of society and of personal relationships for ever. The emotions he experienced were so intense that they prompted him to write L'odore dell'India (A Smell of India), a travelogue which was to become a cult work and one of his most important pieces of writing. The book is discussed by author Emanuele Trevi, one of the most sensitive interpreters of Pasolini's cultural legacy today.

29/05/2014 18:30
Reportage and the Tragic Chorus - encounters
free entrance - Sala Cinema

Carla Benedetti
In his film La rabbia (1962), Pasolini cut and edited footage from an old cinema newsreel, commenting on it with two voices off screen – one in prose, the other in poetry. This singular experiment in editing echoes the ethical power of the ancient tragic chorus, arousing spectators' pity for what they are seeing, where today's newscasts and endless flow of information generate moral indifference and emotional anaesthesia.

05/06/2014 18:30
Remembering Pier Paolo - encounters
free entrance - Sala Cinema

Dacia Maraini and Ninetto Davoli
A semi-serious conversation between Ninetto Davoli and Dacia Maraini on the travels, dinners, chats and games that peopled their close relationship with Pier Paolo Pasolini the man, rather than the film director or the writer.
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