The senses in art

a training course for teachers, students and professionals

Five sessions devoted to The Senses in Art - touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight - will allow us to read and interpret art through the work of contemporary artists, and to explore and experiment with a range of possible creative processes:  visual stimuli, readings, and practical experience to train your perception and to boost your awareness.
At all of these sessions we will be using workshop-kits consisting in educational apparatus accompanied by work pads and books by artists and illustrators from the Art Bookshelf collection.



Friday 22 February - 22 March - 19 April - 24 May - 21 June

from 5 pm to 8 pm

Participants are urged to attend the entire course. One session: € 20.00. All five sessions: € 80.00.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Forum

Via Milano 13

Information and reservations (+39) 06 39967500


Dal: 22/02/2013
Al: 21/06/2013

22/02/2013 17:00
workshop session

We don't use sight alone to recognise an object but also our sense of touch.  Our hands are a crucial tool in fostering our understanding of the world around us.  From the Futurist Manifesto to Tactilism and to Bruno Munari's tactile pictures, we will be exploring tactile matter and materials in depth.


22/03/2013 17:00
workshop session

We use our noses to capture the many odour-based stimuli around us.  Plants, animals, food... everything gives off a different and often unique aroma.  We will be analysing the many potential categories of smell and the ease with which an untrained nose can be misled in its perceptions.


19/04/2013 17:00
workshop session

Our sense of taste allows us to distinguish sweetness, saltiness, sharpness, and bitterness.  We will be looking at Futurist tasting "rules" for food, and at other quotations from the world of fairy tales. Our definition of tastes helps us to discover potential links with people's temperaments, allowing us to turn a menu into an autobiography.


24/05/2013 17:00
workshop session

With the help of a reading from Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noise and of gymnastic exercises designed to fine-tune our hearing, we will be learning to pick up the myriad sounds all around us, discovering the differences between sound, noise and music and ending up with ears even more perceptive than our eyes.


21/06/2013 17:00
workshop session

Our eyes allow us to see shapes and colours and to gauge the intensity of light, to enjoy broad views or to pick out minute details.  Looking through a keyhole, a microscope, weird glasses and coloured filtres, we can turn our vision into a creative game offering us a somewhat different and unexpected view of the world.

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