a retrospective on psychoanalysis and the cinema - Changes

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Società Psicoanalitica Italiana, Cineteca Nazionale - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Palazzo delle Esposizioni


The Palazzo delle Esposizioni will be reflecting once again on the human experience seen through the eyes of the cinema and of psychoanalysis.  After the success of the first edition, Cinemind offers audiences a new opportunity to look into the mirror by screening films devoted to the crucial themes of our existence, followed by hands-on analysis in the course of a debate between directors and psychoanalysts.  For this year's retrospective we have chosen a particular theme, the experience of change, as a basis for viewing the films and for the ensuing debates.  Change is part and parcel of the human experience, and personal growth is often the result of change to which we react emotionally and which throws our system into a state of crisis.  Faced with a sudden and painful event such as the loss of a loved one or of a job, we feel lost and we realise that we are going to have to completely reinvent our lives.  With the assistance of our greatest film directors and of some of the country's most authoritative psychoanalysts, we will be dwelling on these major turning points in order to explore the extent to which they impact the life of the individual, the couple, the family and society, and to get a better focus on the unchanging constants that exist in every life, delving into its deepest and often irremediable fissures.  The encounters are introduced by Fabio Castriota, Ordinary Member of the Rome Psychoanalitical Centre.



Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema

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15/03/2013 20:30
The Wind - cinema
admission free

directed by Victor Sjöström (USA, 1928, 96 min., original version with Italian subtitles)
followed by an encounter with Lucio Russo and Emiliano Morreale.
One of the most celebrated masterpieces of all time from the silent era, this bizarre, visionary and expressionist Western shows how the unbridled forces of nature can turn into a hellish trap for the conscience of an innocent young girl, spectacularly portrayed by Lillian Gish, who falls victim to human brutality.


16/03/2013 20:30
The Wedding Director - cinema
admission free

directed by Marco Bellocchio (Italy, 2006, 107 min.)
followed by an encounter with Anna Ferruta and the director.
Bellocchio's masterly movie-making digs deep into the human soul, where magic bursts into reality and tears it apart:  in a mysterious Sicily, three personalities mirroring the director  - a director in the grip of a personal crisis, a director who makes wedding videos, and a misunderstood director - remind us that the cinema, just like life itself, is merely the vision of a dream.


17/03/2013 18:00
The Entrepreneur - cinema
admission free

directed by Giuliano Montaldo (Italy, 2011, 94 min.)
followed by an encounter with Manuela Fraire and the director.
This highly topical film, a tense and merciless pyschological and social drama, focuses on Italy's economic crisis, delving deep into the heart and mind of a man who has reached the crossroads of a dual crisis impacting both his professional and private lives.


20/03/2013 20:30
100 Steps - cinema
admission free

directed by Marco Tullio Giordana (Italy, 2000, 114 min.)
followed by an encounter with Domenico Chianese and the director.
The other face of our society is the sacrifice of those struggling to change it.  Based on real events, the film puts intense civic passion into the reconstruction of a shameful page in Italy's history:  the martyrdom of young Peppino Impastato, who challenged the power of the Mafia with the weapon of irony.


21/03/2013 20:30
Reality - cinema
admission free

directed by Matteo Garrone (Italy, 2012, 115 min.)
followed by an encounter with Lorena Preta and the director.
This strikingly cruel portrayal of a country wallowing in media delirium is a murky tale that sinks its claws into the degeneration of our society, a society capable of sacrificing human dignity on the altar of media popularity, leading to the loss of one's identity and eventually to self-destructive madness.


22/03/2013 20:30
The Days of Abandonment - cinema
admission free

directed by Roberto Faenza (Italy, 2005, 96 min.)
followed by an encounter with Matilde Vigneri, Margherita Buy and the director.
The petty meanness lurking behind family ties is explored  through the experience of an abandoned woman, in an intense performance from Margherita Buy, digging deep into the complexity of the human emotional response to a traumatic event and a journey of rebirth transcending her interior disintegration.


23/03/2013 20:30
A Second Childhood - cinema
admission free

directed by Pupi Avati (Italy, 2010, 98 min.)
followed by an encounter with Amalia Giuffrida and the director.
Pupi Avati explores almost on tiptoe the tragedy of a disease, degenerative dementia, that rocks the daily life of those who suffer from it and of those around them, bringing with it a heart-rending return to childhood as a form of consolation for a declining existence.


24/03/2013 18:00
Our Life - cinema
admission free

directed by Daniele Luchetti (Italy, 2010, 100 min.)
followed by an encounter with Loredana Micati and the director.
The trauma of a death destroys a family's balance in this raging and dynamic film:  against the backdrop of Italy's industrialised hinterland, we observe the conduct of the leading actor, in a spirited performance by Elio Germano, reacting to the grief of loss and seeking to counter it by plunging into the material world.

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