New York Conversations


These seven encounters are designed to offer audiences a close-up view of the city of New York, its life style, its politics, its art and its literature, in takes on an "empire" mapped out by lucid observers and enthusiastic lovers of the city, all of whom have first-hand experience of life in the metropolis.


Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9A, Rome
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Dal: 23/04/2013
Al: 20/06/2013

23/04/2013 18:30
Meet the artists showing their work in Empire State. Art in New York Today - encounters
admission free

Norman Rosenthal and Alex Gartenfeld
The curators dialogue with some of the artists whose work is on display in the exhibition, in an open conversation designed to take an in-depth look at the themes in the Empire State project, as they relate to the life of New York's artistic community, through the first-hand reflections of its leading players.


09/05/2013 18:30
New York: when the West peaked out and declined - encounters
admission free

Federico Rampini
Journalist and writer Federico Rampini, author of a book on New York entitled Far West, will be talking about the political, ethnic and cultural workshop of a changing metropolis, a city that still considers itself to be the centre of the world, and maybe it is...  Empires often give of their best in their declining years.


16/05/2013 18:30
Mapping the city. How the city is changing with contemporary art - encounters
admission free

Laura Barreca
Art historian and independent curator Laura Barreca will be painting a picture of the reality, the phenomena and the strategies designed to enhance the contemporary art system that have emerged in New York over the past few years, also reflecting on potential vectors for promoting Italian art on the New York scene.


23/05/2013 18:30
Gotham Story - encounters
admission free

Tommaso Pincio
New York is an ever-changing legend, an endless reservoir of stories and a melting pot of races and cultures.  Writer Tommaso Pincio will be devising a new story whose plot is based on crossing wires with other authors on New York's new literary scene: Doctorow, Jonathan Lethem, Colson Whitehead, Richard Price and Steven Millhauser.


06/06/2013 18:30
Urban Myths. The "New York School", yesterday and today - encounters
admission free

Peter Benson Miller
New York today is hailed as a centre of artistic innovation.  Despite all the changes over the past few decades, art historian and curator Peter Benson Miller will be painting a historical fresco in which the golden age of the "New York School" and the challenges to its artistic dogmas provide a useful starting point for understanding today's artists.


13/06/2013 18:30
Sol LeWitt - encounters
admission free

Adachiara Zevi
Art historian and architect Adachiara Zevi, who penned the first collection of essays by and on Sol LeWitt as well as producing a recent book devoted to Wall Drawings in Italy, will be introducing her audience to the work and thought of this American artist - the man behind a revolution in artistic vocabulary without which it is impossible to understand today's art - and to his unique approach to conceptual art.


20/06/2013 18:30
Downtown - encounters
admission free

Cornelia Lauf and Daniela Salvioni
Curators and writers Cornelia Lauf and Daniela Salvioni will be talking about Downtown New York in the 1980s and '90s as a medley of different cultures divorced from ethnic of national constraints, a melting pot of visual practice that continues to influence global contemporary aesthetics even today.

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