Moviemov Roma. Asian New Wave

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The event is part of the Moviemov, an itinerant showcase born three years ago that aims to build a platform for the cultural and commercial promotion of the new Italian cinema abroad, especially for the booming Asian market so rich of new op-portunities.
An appointment  for promoting times and places for cultural exchanges that will build a launch pad for Italian films in the Asian territory and for Asian films in Europe
For this reason the Moviemov in Rome 2nd edition will present 3 days of Asian films, celebrities and encounters with the audience, dedicated to the Countries that held the Italian Film Festival: Thailand and Philippines.

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Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9a

Dal: 13/09/2013
Al: 15/09/2013

13/09/2013 20:00
Moviemov Roma. Asian New Wave - Opening gala
invitation only

After the big success of the past edition in Bangkok and waiting for the Manila edition we will present in Rome a selection of Thailand and Philippinos movies: three days of screenings and meetings with special guests, the directors BANJONG PISANTOANAKUN and PAWEEN PURIJITPANYA.
Two festival fille rouge: the Thailand horror cinema and the philippinos auteur films; in addition the Italian premiere of Banjong's PEE-MAK, the highest grossing Thai film and one of Asia's highest grossing films of all time that have earned more than 1 billion baht ($33 million) in revenue worldwide (mostly in Asia: Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, China, South Korea).
During the Opening night the festival will present in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy in Italy, the premiere of BOUNDARY by BENITO BAUTISTA.
Before the official screening Walter Veltroni will assign the Moviemov Award to director GIUSEPPE TORNATORE for his THE BEST OFFER who won the audience award during the Moviemov edition in Bangkok.


13/09/2013 21:00
Boundary - Cinema
invitation only

by Benito Bautista. Philippines, 2013, 100', o. v. it. sub.
Director Benito Bautista (The Gift of Barong, HARANA) refashions true stories of Manila's taxi cab drivers into an ominous, unpredictable ride from the dark streets of Manila to the isolated hills of Antipolo.
It's only a few days before Christmas in Manila and struggling cab driver LIMUEL needs to reach his boundary (quota for customers) by the end of the night.  He picks up a wealthy-looking, generous businessman trying to make his way to Antipolo.  But Limuel has a plan for his naïve and unsuspecting customer - a plan that he is none too proud to carry out.  Things suddenly go beyond Limuel's control as he himself is thrown from the wheel to the helpless backseat of a plot bigger than he ever expected.
Power. Deception. Morality. Desperation.  The intrinsic human conflict of navigating the fine line between power and ethics can have unforeseen consequences when one starts to get too close to either side.  Bautista artfully finesses these concepts while commenting on the grim issues of class and political strife that Filipinos are all too familiar with.  In this claustrophobic taxi ride through the gritty streets of Manila, it is hard not to feel the tension, fear, and uncertainty these characters experience, and suddenly we're fellow captives strewn along the captivation plot.


14/09/2013 17:00
Shutter - Cinema
free entrance

by Banjong Pisantoanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom. Thailand, 2004, 97', it. v.
Late one night on a country road, Tun and Jane accidentally run down a mysterious pedestrian.  Fleeing the scene, they return to their lives in Bangkok but soon discover that life has returned to anything but normal.  Nightmares haunt Jane's dreams while Tun, a photographer, notices odd spectral figures that begin to appear in his work.  Returning to investigate the site of their own accident, they can find neither rumor nor report of the victim.  But when one by one, Tun's closest friends begin to die, he and Jane know that they must unravel this mystery before it unravels their very lives.
GMM Pictures, Phenomena Motion Pictures and Gmm Tai Hub present a terrifying tale of revenge from beyond the grave.  A story of betrayal and broken trust that will make you shudder.  Two lovers learn that you can run from the dark but you can't hide from the darkness within you.


14/09/2013 19:00
Body - Cinema
free entrance

by Paween Purijitpanya. Thailand, 2007, 120', it. v. - at the presence of the director
A human being contains 5 liters of blood, 6 pounds of skin, 206 bones, 600 muscles, and 35 million glands.  It takes a human body more than 25 years of life to grow such things.
But one man actually believes he can rid himself of every single piece of human flesh by just using straight scissors and a small surgical blade. And he is going to prove it.
Chon starts seeing a psychotherapist after he starts dreaming about a woman who he had only met once in a restaurant.  In his dreams, a mysterious man murders her, slices her body into pieces, and flushes them down a toilet bowl one by one.
The murderous dreams haunt him into his waking memory, and eventually he feels as if his own body is being dissected and carved up by the surgical knife. Slowly, the terrifying images take control of him.
He comes to believe that dead woman is sending him messages through these nightmares. But these are not messages for him, they are meant for her murderer. And they speak of revenge:
"I am still here."


14/09/2013 21:30
Pee-Mak - Cinema
free entrance

by Banjong Pisanthanakun. Thailand, 2013, 115', o. v. it. sub. - at the presence of the director
During the beginning of the Rattanakosin Dynasty, many Thai men were drafted to serve in the war. "Pee Mak" or "Mak" (Mario Maurer) was no exception and had to leave his pregnant wife to join the fight. While at war, he met, saved, and formed a close bond with four fellow soldiers: "Ter" (Nattapong Charpong), "Puak" (Pongsatorn Jongwilas), "Shin" (Attrarut Khongrasri), and "Aey" (Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk) - (The 4 main cast from Phobia 2 Episode "In The End")
Once the war was over, Mak invited his four best friends to visit his home at a town called Phra Khanong. When they arrived to Phra Khanong, Mak introduced them to his beautiful wife "Nak" (Davika Hoorne) and "Dang" his newborn baby boy. Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey decided to stay in Phra Khanong for a while and moved into the old house across from Mak's house. Despite having met Nak and Dang, a village rumor was going around that Nak had died giving birth to her stillborn baby, Dang.
It turns out that Auntie Priak, owner of the local liquor shop, was the source of the town rumor. This was completely absurd to Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey. The four friends refused to believe this to be true and were determined to prove the rumors wrong.
Aunty Priak was found dead a few days later, her body floating along the river. Up until this point Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey had never considered the possibility that Nak and her baby could be dead and now lingered on as haunting ghosts.
Initially, the four friends didn't dare tell Mak about their suspicions because they were afraid that they would end up just like Aunty Priak. It didn't take long before their conscience caught up with them and they realized they owed Mak the truth since he had once saved all of their lives. Now they must risk their own lives to somehow convey to Mak that the living and dead shouldn't coexist together.
In the end, it will be up to Pee Mak to choose between love and reality. 


15/09/2013 16:00
Kamusta Kaio, Dr. Jose Rizal? / Nuwebe - Cinema
free entrance

by Jason Zavaleta. Philippines-USA, 2012, 17', o. v. it. sub.
The magnificent poem " Last Farewell " written by the Filippino hero Dr. Jose` Rizal was first time in the cinema history the main subject of a short film, media beloved by the new generations.
it's beauty, and everything that it provided for Rizal, as well as his hope for what would happen one he was gone. In this video, we explore these poetic words through: sight and sound, light and shadow, sound and silence. It's an insight to the human experience and the vast universe in which we live.
by Joseph Israel Laban. Philippines, 2013, 91', o.v. subti. it.
The film is inspired by the actual story of one of the youngest mothers in Philippine history. Krista was just 9 years old when she became pregnant. Her mother believes that she was impregnated by malevolent supernatural creatures called "nuno sa punso" but the real story will prove to be more complicated than it seems.


15/09/2013 18:30
Phobia - Cinema
free entrance

by Banjong Pisanthanakun, Paween Purikitpanya, Yongyoot Thongkongtoon, Parkpoom Wongpoom. Thailand, 2008,  111', it. v.
PHOBIA is a portmanteau horror flick consisting of 4 horror stories directed by 4 of Thailand's most talented directors. The first, directed by Yongyoot Thongkongtoon is titled "Happiness" but don't let the title of the movie mislead you. "Tit For Tat" directed by Paween Purijitpanya (Body) gives a mystically dark and gruesome twist to the meaning of "an Eye for an Eye".  Then there is "In The Middle" directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter and Alone) and his teenage tale that totally walks off the Buddhist beaten path and on to a horrifyingly humorous escapade that may leave you laughing more than 'shuttering', excuse the pun.  Finally "Last Fright" directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom (Shutter, Alone) is a psychological thriller that reminds all of us of the old adage "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" except if you are the 'other' woman on the receiving end.


15/09/2013 21:00
Phobia 2 - Cinema
free entrance

by Paween Purijitpanya, Songyos Sugmakanan, Visute Poolvoralaks, Parkpoom Wongpoom, Banjong Pisanthanakun.  Thailand, 2009, 120', o. v. it. sub.
The screaming experience from 2008 is about to return again with a portmanteau horror film by the most talented film directors - Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter, Alone, 4BIA - In the Middle), Paween Purijitpanya (Body, 4BIA- Tit for Tat), Songyos Sugmakanan (Dorm, Hormones), Parkpoom Wongpoom (Shutter, Alone, 4BIA - Last Fright), and a new director Visute Poolvoralaks the man behind the success of Shutter, Alone, 4BIA, and Coming Soon.

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