Cinemind. A retrospective on psychoanalysis and the cinema - 2014

Speak to me of love

Who has a better grasp of the secrets of the heart, the scientist or the artist? Who was better at delving into the human brain and exploring the deepest underlying reasons for people falling in love, Shakespeare or Freud? Failing to come up with a satisfactory answer to these questions, we have sought help from both sides of the divide, calling on movie directors with a reputation for sensitivity in probing the neurons that make or break love bonds and on psychoanalysts famous for their expertise in the sphere of love and intimacy. Following on from the success of the two previous editions, Cinemind this year offers yet another opportunity for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and explore the nature of our feelings, by mingling the screening of films focusing on love and the sphere of our affections with a debate between directors and psychoanalysts who will be taking their cue from the issues raised in each film. The retrospective probes the theme of love, and its pros and cons, in a series of crucial stages such as falling in love, passion and married life with its betrayals and its violence, focusing in particular on the family and social context in which relationships are either solidly anchored or miserably collapse. The encounters are introduced by Fabio Castriota, who is a member of the Rome Psychoanalitical Centre.
Dal: 18/02/2014
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18/02/2014 21:00
Love Everlasting - Cinema
ingresso libero

directed by Mario Caserini (Italy, 1913, 90 min.)

followed by an encounter with Lucio Russo and Emiliano Morreale

A wonderful masterpiece from a hundred years ago, this melodrama of love and death made the reputation of Lyda Borelli, the first ever movie star, as the seductive yet doleful embodiment of a love crushed by her past identity, with psychological perceptions that are still unbelievably relevant to today. The screening will feature the version of the film restored in 2013 by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, in its L'Immagine Ritrovata workshop.


19/02/2014 20:00
Purple Sea - Cinema
admission free

directed by Donatella Maiorca (Italy, 2009, 105 min.)

followed by an encounter with Amalia Giuffrida and the director

Set on a small island off Sicily in the second half of the 19th century, this is the story of two women who fall in love, running the gauntlet of their violent, backward society with their radical conduct. Though set in the past, the story inevitably echoes the present where so many different forms of love are still denied freedom and dignity.


20/02/2014 20:00
Come Undone - Cinema
admission free

directed by Silvio Soldini (Italy, Switzerland, 2010, 126 min.)

followed by an encounter with Loredana Micati and the director

A chance encounter between two married people sparks a passion that rocks their lives, letting the frustrations of their day-to-day existence out of the cage. Soldini explores the substructures of love with rare sensitivity, capturing the uncontrollable urgency and the imperceptible pulsing of lovers' feelings.


21/02/2014 17:00
Courts of Love - Cinema
admission free

followed by an encounter with Fabrizio Rocchetto and the directors

Cinemind this year is adding two new viewpoints to its portfolio with students from some of Rome's film schools, who explore in their short films the most intimate significance of love filtred through the experience of the younger generations. Our thanks to: CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, NUCT - Scuola Internazionale di Cinema e Televisione, Libera Università del Cinema.


21/02/2014 20:00
The Best Day of My Life - Cinema
admission free

directed by Cristina Comencini (Italy, 2001, 102 min.)

followed by an encounter with Anna Nicolò and the director

The complexity of family ties, sifted with the utmost delicacy through the innocent eyes of a little girl, permeates this extraordinary group portrait which lifts the lid on the knot of tension, fear and censorship that so often hinders the achievement of harmony in the sphere of family affections.


22/02/2014 17:00
The Soul Keeper - Cinema
admission free

directed by Roberto Faenza (Italy, France, United Kingdom, 2003, 90 min.)

followed by an encounter with Manuela Fraire and Flavio De Bernardinis

The process whereby our mind projects feelings from the past onto current relationships and sustains the path of psychoanalysis lies at the heart of this film on Sabine Spielrein, an extraordinary and well-known figure who was Jung's first patient and who eventually became his lover, as we know from the correspondence between her, Jung and Freud.


22/02/2014 20:00
If by Chance - Cinema
admission free

directed by Alessandro D'Alatri (Italy, 2002, 102 min.)

followed by an encounter with Anna Ferruta, the director and the scriptwriter, Anna Pavignano

An in-depth exploration of the relationship in a couple and of the ease with which that relationship can run aground once the initial blueprint for life together clashes with individual fragility and gives way to routine, to unspoken thoughts and finally to betrayal, with the interfering connivance of work, friends and relatives.


23/02/2014 17:00
Weddings and Other Disasters - Cinema
admission free

directed by Nina di Majo (Italy, 2009, 102 min.)

followed by an encounter with Stefania Nicasi and the director

This sophisticated comedy takes a light-hearted look at the tortuous and obstacle-strewn path of love which, with its errors, distractions and faux pas, so often attracts opposites, personified in this instance by three superb actors: Margherita Buy, Luciana Littizzetto and Fabio Volo.


23/02/2014 20:00
First Love - Cinema
admission free

directed by Matteo Garrone (Italy, 2004, 100 min.)

followed by an encounter with Lorena Preta and the director

Garrone propels us stringently yet implacably towards the abyss of a loving inferno, where affection degenerates into slavery, becoming the stage set for a lucid madness imbued with physical or psychological violence, in this case the leading character's obsession which ends up driving his woman to anorexia.

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