Encounters with Frida Kahlo

To tie in with the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale

The Scuderie del Quirinale is back with its now customary programme of encounters and lectures designed to offer the public an opportunity to explore in greater depth some of the issues addressed by the exhibition. Several of the world's leading connoisseurs and critics of Frida Kahlo's art will be introducing visitors to this celebrated Mexican artist's life and to the most salient and disctinctive aspects of her work.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema
Admission via steps in via Milano 9a, Rome
Seats assigned from one hour before the start of each encounter/lecture
Reservations may be made by membership card holders only

Dal: 19/03/2014
Al: 21/05/2014

19/03/2014 18:30
Salomon Grimberg. Frida Kahlo's Loneliness (in English with simultaneous translation into Italian) - Encounters
admission free

Salomon Grimberg, one of the greatest living experts on Frida Kahlo's life and work, offers an interpretation of the artist based on an analytical introspection of her complex personality in the light of her troubled life.


21/03/2014 18:30
Javier Garciadiego. Frida Kahlo and the Mexican Revolutionary (in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Italian) - Encounters
admission free

Frida Kahlo's art is interpreted in the light of her country's history in this valuable account by Javier Garciadiego, President of the Colegio de México, who is considered to be the world's leading expert on modern and contemporary Mexican history, focusing in particular on its political and cultural sides.


26/03/2014 18:30
Helga Prignitz-Poda. Frida Kahlo: The Classical Aptitude (in German with simultaneous translation into Italian) - Incontri
admission free

The curator of the exhibition takes a fresh look at Frida Kahlo's work, highlighting surprising references and unexpected links with the Classical world in the form of ancient mythology, poetry and literature, and her "Italian" friendships.


02/04/2014 18:30
Achille Bonito Oliva. Frida Kahlo, Nobody's Beauty. - Encounters
admission free

Achille Bonito Oliva discusses the unquestionably far from linear development of Frida Kahlo's artistic vocabulary, free from all risk of cultural globalisation thanks to her untiring search for a personal identity.


23/04/2014 18:30
Luis-Martín Lozano. Frida Kahlo and the Avant-Garde: New Objectivity and Surrealism (in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Italian) - Encounters
admission free

Frida Kahlo embodied from the very outset the cultural exuberance of her times. Luis-Martín Lozano, one of the world's most authoritative experts on early 20th century Mexican art, explains how Kahlo managed to coordinate the trajectories of the main international cultural movements of her day.


07/05/2014 18:30
Mario Sartor. Modernity and Latin America. Syntony and Dissonance - Encounters
admission free

The era in which Frida Kahlo worked was one of the most fertile periods Latin American art has ever known, thanks also to its assimilation of numerous international trends such as Futurism, the Metaphysical school, the Italian Novecento and Surrealism. Mario Sartor, a lecturer in Latin American art at Udine University, takes a deeper look.


14/05/2014 18:30
James Oles. Looking the Viewer in the Eye. Frida Kahlo and the Self-Portrait in Mexico (in English with simultaneous translation into Italian) - Encounters
admission free

James Oles, one of the world's most influential students of Mexican art, focuses his attention on Frida Kahlo's self-portraits, viewing them in the broader context of the history of Mexican art from the Viceroy era right up to the work of modern and contemporary artists.


21/05/2014 18:30
Contemporary Mexican Women Painters - Encounters
admission free

With the participation of CARMEN MAZA DE DEL MAZO, MONICA CASTILLO, introduction by MARIA CAMPITELLI. (in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Italian)

How much is left, in the work of contemporary Mexican women painters today, of the legacy of the woman whom Diego Rivera called "the first woman in the history of art to have addressed certain specific issues concerning women, with absolute honesty and without compromise"?

The works by the presented painters will be shown in the foyer of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Cinema Hall.

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