Back in those days


Back in those days


tour of the exhibition and workshop - schools and families

from 17 December 2013 to 2 March 2014


The Art Workshop offers guided tours of the exhibition and workshops for schools and families. In the exhibition we explore the vocabulary of a new form of art:  space, both inside and outside the frame; time, to create and to observe; the body, with or without a setting.  All of these vocabularies tell the story of years of tradition and experimentation in a determined effort to break through boundaries and to open up new horizons. In the workshop, younger kids and teens map out the outline of their personal space, describing it and living it at the same time, while their pals record their action and leave a mark of it on the walls.  Using books from the Art Bookshelf, the younger kids with their parents find out about their bodies and discover echoes of it in a work of art.


families • children aged 3 > 6 with their parents

Sunday 11.00 am > 1.00 pm

workshop € 8.00 per child

reservation recommended, tel. (+39) 06 39967500 - € 1.50 per child


families • children aged 7 > 11

Sunday 11.00 am > 1.00 pm

workshop + admission to the exhibition  € 12.00 per child

reservation recommended, tel. (+39) 06 39967500 - € 1.50 per child


schools • kindergarten and primary school

Monday - Friday 10.00 am > 11.30 am and 11.30 am > 1.30 pm

workshop € 80.00 per class group

admission € 4.00 per child (kindergarten free)

reservation compulsory, no charge tel. (+39) 848 082 408



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