2 July- 12 September 2008
Three itineraries to get closer to contemporary art
organized by Laboratorio d'arte

For the 15° Quadriennale d'arte di Roma, the Educational Department - Laboratorio d'arte of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni propose encounters every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. The project has been drawn up in collaboration with the Educational Course on Heritage of the Arts and Philosophy Faculty of the Università degli Studi La Sapienza in Roma.

In the exhibiting halls, meetings with the public to "read the works", explore contemporary art making reference to various artistic disciplines and daily life. Searching for a creative relationship between spectator and the artwork, the meetings plan to offer a particular involvement of the public, to experience a direct approach to art and to the poetics of the artists.

Three itineraries of interactive and multidisciplinary visits in which art becomes an experience; a constantly renewed selection of art works to allow a wide range of people to get closer to contemporary art.

2, 4, 23 and 25 july - 13 and 15 august - 3 and 5 september
L'ARTE IN/FORMA (IN/FORM ART) is the itinerary about commitment in art. Art is not only aesthetic but works are comparing themselves with topicality, society and politics.

9, 11 e 30 july - 1, 20 e 22 august - 10 e 12 september
VIETATO NON TOCCARE, (NO TOUCHING FORBIDDEN), is about the role played by the public, about interaction and manipulation of the artwork made by visitors.

16 e 18 july - 6, 8, 27 e 29 august
A FUTURA MEMORIA (FUTURE MEMORY), a sequence of stages about the utilization and the presence of memory in contemporary art.

The offer is free of charge with an entrance ticket to the exhibition. Two weekly meetings, an appointment that changes its perspective every week. An invitation to keep coming back to the exhibition to experience the manifold languages of art.

Activity free of charge without booking
Wednesday and Friday at 6pm starting from Wednesday 2 July
three different points of view, a different itinerary every week which follows a regular cycle

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194



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