Prima Mangia, Eat First


Prima mangia (Eat first)
In the Forum of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Liu Xiaodong realized for the exhibition China XXI century the work Prima mangia,(Eat first), a modern Last Supper, one of the most widespread iconographic symbols of Italian art, painted with models selected directly in Rome from among "common people", collaborators, friends.


The artist's house
The botto and bruno's artist's house was born in 2005 for Didart, an European project that aims to bring contemporary art and artists to the public. Six world- famous artists were invited to construct a house with images from their works , videos, books, music, clothes. The house as a sort of "visual diary" of the artists with memories, the tools of the trade and a selection of cultural references which have influenced their poetics. Botto and bruno's house which was realized in response to an invitation by the Laboratorio d'arte of Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Scuderie del Quirinale, is a perspective on the urban and social panorama which is always a protagonist in the vision of the artists from Turin, a contemporary tapestry, a city inhabited by faceless adolescents.

Liu Xiaodong

Considered one of the major exponents of Cynical Realism Liu Xiaodong narrates the alienation and the contrasts within modern Chinese society in continual transformation. He lives and works in Beijing, where teaches at the Central Fine Arts Accademy. He works on enormous canvases, developing life-size compositions using non professionals who can read, chat, play cards whilst posing and which he recruits on location depending on the project he must realize.
In contrast with the most diffused tendency, Liu has chosen to focus on the antihero, on the everyday person, and in particular the youth who are too young to recall clearly the days of the Cultural Revolution. Liu Xiaodong shows the changing role of individuals in Chinese society, underlines the fragility between personal links and a growing feeling of instability, often revealing uncomfortable realities.



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