Special event
FI'ART- Festival interational d'Art en femille

Art workshop for children aged 3 to 12 accompanied by their parents
rotunda and staircase Via Nazionale, 194
Saturday 31st  and Sunday 1st June from 11.00 to 17.00
For the 2nd edition of FI'ART - Festival International d'ART en Famille the  Centre Pompidou of Paris invites the Laboratorio d'arte of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the only Italian representative to participate in the great event where many international institutions particularly attentive to education in museums will be present.
This year, as well as the Pompidou Centre and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Sztuki Museum of Lòd'z, Poland and the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, USA are also involved.
For the occasion the museum partners propose workshops free of charge for children aged 3 to 12
accompanied by their parents, to allow both young and old to get close to contemporary art and share  a creative experience with other families who, during the same week-end will be  participating  in the same event, in different parts of the world.
The main  theme  this year is a change of scale: from the smallest to the biggest, from the biggest to the smallest.
The Palazzo delle Esposizioni presents A flower for Alice, a homage to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, an event coordinated by Elisabeth Augè from the Pompidou Centre and by the artist Chiara Carrer. In fact which literary heroine more than Alice  best incarnates the attitude of metamorphosis ? The curious young girl drinks magic potions and becomes each time small enough to enter the burrow of mice and big enough to jump over trees.
Big spotted and striped flowers, made up of lace, coloured plastic and coloured paper oscillate on their stems and play with the light creating an enormous garden on the  staircase of Palazzo delle Esposizione. A collective work in progress which will come to an end  at 18.30 when each family will be able to take  its contribution to the grand installation.
The event precedes  Chiara Carrer's  Project Alice to be held in the spaces of the Laboratorio d'Arte in October 2008.


free  hourly activities, bookings not necessary
participants are asked to present themselves 15 minutes before the starting time of each activity
The meeting point is in the Forum of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, entrance via Milano, 13

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