The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is accessible to visitors with limited mobility and sensory via three entrances with no architectural barriers:


    via Via Milano 13 for exhibitions, events, art workshops, the art bookshop-forum and the Palombini Esposizioni café;

    via Via Milano 15/17 for the Arion Esposizioni Bookshop and the Palombini Esposizioni café;

    and via Via Piacenza snc for the Sala Cinema, Auditorium and Open Colonna Restaurant

    The municipal authorities have organised car parks for visitors with limited mobility and sensorially handicapped visitors close to the above entrances.  For Via Milano the car park is situated before the tunnel, while for Via Piacenza it is situated at the top of the tunnel.

    Wheelchairs are available on request.

    Staff will be delighted to provide any assistance required and to accompany less able visitors on request.

    For further information, please phone: +39 06489411




Calendario eventi

What's on at Scuderie del Quirinale
  • Balthus

    24 October 2015 - 31 January 2015