Names object cities - workshop

Names object cities - workshop

for families with children aged 7 to 11

To tie in with the Etruscans and the Mediterranean exhibition, the Art Workshop is offering a tour in the exhibition of ancient Cerveteri, the wealthiest and most heavily populated of all the Etruscan metropolises, to delve into the secrets that led the city to vie with Rome and with the other Mediterranean powers. In the Workshop Cube names, objects and cities are all jumbled up on a huge map that greets participants and takes them on a journey through time and space to discover ancient Etruria. In the Workshop geometrical figures, exotic animals and characters from mythology form the basis for graphic work that sets out to explore the manufacture of local ceramics and the Greek influence that resulted from trade and cultural exchange in the ancient Mediterranean.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale 194
Activity + admission to the exhibition € 12.00 per child

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