Seems Like This Seems Like That

Seems Like This Seems Like That

workshops for kids and children

Books for learner readers, books as visual games with forms and colours that transform so that they seem now this and now that. With Maria Enrica Agostinelli form becomes image along a thread of associations and overturning. With Iela Mari, stories without words in an alternation of forms that change from page to page. With Toti Scialoja signs and drawings where the word is the main ingredient of the game. At the workshop the books that mum and dad used to read open up like doors to reveal unexpected worlds still today: so a hole becomes an owl's eye, a red circle is transformed into an umbrella, the tortoise dressmaker and the zanzara (mosquito) without a zed surprise you by talking in rhyme.

from 20 March to 30 April - Books in shape
from 1 to 31 May - Books with holes
from 1 to 30 June - Animals in rhyme

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale 194
Activities + exhibition € 8.00 per child

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